Internet gift card

VASSA&Co allows to choose from a variety of gift cards

Online Gift Card

1. The card can be used for payment after 2 working days from the date of purchase.
This gift card is to be redeemed at our online stores, or You can use your card up to the amount of the available funds. You can pay extra with cash (not avaible out of Russian Federation) or debit/credit card.
2. To redeem your card at our online stores (, and, type in your serial number in the corresponding text field.
3. Gift cards can only be used one time. Gift cards are blocked once you make a purchase.
4. Gift cards are not exchanged for cash. Price difference between your order amount & the gift card amount is not paid. 
5. A gift card can be redeemed only during the specified period of time. For more information on gift cards, please, reach us at, contact the call center +7 (495) 727 98 05 or submit your inquiry to the customer service team +7 (800) 700-90-90 (free call across Russia).